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Oh, the Pathos!

We’re learning all sorts of things here at Terminally Unique Apparel.  For instance, I just learned how very much my wee posts on this site have Changed The World!  I logged in this morning to find 227 comments awaiting moderation, and all of them told us how awesome we are, and that our posts are so full of insight that they are changing lives this very moment! And could we please play their fantastic Vampire Fruit Machine?

I had no idea the world depends so heavily on tee-shirt designers playing casino games.

In other news, I am hoping to have the size selector either fixed or worked-around by Monday, the preview images uploading, and NEW art is on the way!  As of now, customers can use Paypal itself to purchase items, or you can use a credit card via Paypal as a guest without making an account there.  Just click the button!

Now I must go save the world…one slot machine at a time. Have a great weekend, friends!

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